Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Coming to a Theatre neaR....Me

Cant wait.....

"The Great DebateRs"
release date: December 25 2007

A film produced by Oprah (my FaV) and directed by Denzel Washington based on a true story of Melvin B. Tolson, who while at Wiley college formed an all black debate team who for the first time beat Harvard university. After winning the debate African American students enrollment became more accepting among other colleges and universities...Its mos definitely a uplifting film cant wait to see it...

"Lars and the Real Girl"
released date: October 25 2007

In appearance the movie seems like another ridiculous American comedy, when in reality the film carries on a deeper message. It is based on the sense of touch and how Americans rarely get to enjoy and appreciate this sense. In the film character Lars is in search of a companion and orders a sex doll from the Internet but Sex is not what Lars has in mind. Lars wants a deep meaningful relationship. This film is an exact example of the American society and how we seem to be so concerned about materialistic things that we forget to appreciate the simple things in life like the sense of touch.

-ClaRi Ebert

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