Friday, January 4, 2008

DisplaCe Me...

Displace me is a cool event that the organization invisiblechildren organized. The event called for people to abandon there comfort of there everyday living style to live in a cardboard box for a day with just water and crackers for food...This event took place within several different cities and states...The motives behind this event was to demand peace in northern Uganda...This event has drawn the attention of our country policy makers...Hopefully this war will come to an end...I cant help to believe that if this genocide was occurring in any "White" country more awareness and assistance may have been provided but being that its happening in Africa little is being dOne. This war among the african natives has been going on for over five years and yet there still no end...sO if our government is not willing to provide help then we must take action... events like DISPLACE ME is definitely a staRt... log on to to find out when DiSPLACE ME is in your towN.


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