Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Common is the biz.

I must of died and gone to heaven yesterday at the common concert. Ooo! Even though my ultimate goal was to be picked as "the girl to go on stage", it didn't happen...but some other stuff did. First we get there thanx to mr. Jeff "im not a hater" green (yea rt) and get vip the minute I walk in im already antsy to get by the stage. I found the perfect spot, rt on the side of the stage on the step (which may not have been an excellent choice for my health cuz my right eardrum is still beeping and probably going to be messed up for a while) looking basically almost eye level to my man (common) with my "obama for yo mama" shirt. Thank god I wore tht shirt...cuz the minute he seen me wearing it he kept coming to my side and pointing and singing to me...*sigh* it was so magical. Haha. Then all of a sudden kanye jumps onto stage out of nowhere. The crowd goes wild as he sings all the jams, then mc lyte comes out after and rocks a song, then busta (the camera does add a bunch of pounds cuz he looked regular to me) and rocks out to my ultimate 90s video "put your hands where my eyes can see" and scenario. Man the whole thing was super duper dope! Best common concert yet...and I've been to like 5. I still wish he would've done the same show as he did in the past with the whole breakdancing and bringing the girl up on stage, cuz I know...I really just know he would've picked me. Lol

-mrs. rashied lynn aka cris

*sorry about the pics, they were taken on my stupid phone

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