Monday, April 21, 2008

Glow in the Dark

so last night, the fab4 plus our favorite white boy jeff headed down to san diego for glow in the dark tour...which probably wasnt the best thing to do considering that san diego is a wack city and the fact that we had to drive 2 hrs back to la after standing up the whole time before. as soon as we got there we headed to chilis for some drinks where we were surrounded by girls in their glow in the dark fits and guys with their infamous Ye glasses. after getting that lil buzz that everybody needed we then had to wait in the longest line i have ever seen at a concert period. it was soon as we got inside, lupe was already stage...there was an intermission, then n.e.r.d....intermission, then rihanna...intermission, then kanye. these freaking intermissions were at least 20 min long each so we were basically entertained by all the drunk ppl getting into fights and a dude in front of us that kept taking pictures of us. we were all dissapointed by the lineup (obviously). then kanye came on and the glow in the dark hype began. his set was ridiculous!

now i remember why i enjoyed sesame street so much as a kid...jim henson's work on that stage was MAGICAL! lol if ur planning on going to the concert and are far away to the side (like we were), the best view of the concert is on the screen. trust me. we were all in awe. his whole show included all the songs that i knew and hoped he would play, but the performance i give an 8. or maybe it wasnt that cool because it was san diego. lol like i said before, wack city! wish we did it in LA...but i guess we learned our lesson. overall, through kanyes acting skills and poor lineup, it was cool shit, enjoyed it even more cuz it was 4/20. thanx to jeff who drove back while everybody was knocked out. we appreciate it!


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