Friday, June 27, 2008


Isn't she lovely? In case you haven't heard, Arlenis Sosa is the next big thing in the modelling world. Steadily making a splash in editorials and on the runway, the Dominican-born Sosa is captured here in the provocatively titled "Is Fashion Racist?" from the July issue of Vogue. (I'll give props to Vogue for doing such a ballsy article about the death of black models, since it's rare to see fashion magazines turn a critical eye on themselves). And it's easy to see why designers and photographers have fallen for her: those amazing eyes framed by voluminous, virgin brows, cheekbones that could cut glass and skin that's positively incandescent. She's also got that chameleonic quality – (she looks virtually unrecognizable from one photo to the next) – that you don't find all that often in a model. Here's hoping this fresh face sticks around for some time to come.

and just in case I forgot to mention it Arlenis is DOMINICAN:)


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