Monday, August 4, 2008

weekend fun

this weekend was full of fun just like i thought it would be :)

ended up going to crawfish fest in LB with the familia and ate the biggest plate of crawfish i have ever seen, listened to zytigote (sp) and danced the cha cha slide like 5 times (it's time to get funky funky funky lol)... then sunday we went to the juan luis guerra concert which was sooooo amazing. after he performed all the jams we got outside and literally saw all the dominicans that live in LA. as we were walking to our car we ended up actually meeting him as he was exiting the theater...super nice guy, down to earth, willing to talk to his people. after the concert we went down to Sonido for some more partying for my cousin jackie's bday. woke up this morning tired (and nauseus) as hell...i was trying not to go too hard before NY but i have failed myself again


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