Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh No They Didnt....

In the video, Regis and Kelly were engaged in a discussion about politics and children. Kelly Ripa goes on to tell a cute story about her young daughter. Like any good parent, Ripa quizzes her little one on her understanding of the topic. She asks, “Do you know the two parties?” Her daughter replies, “Yes, the elephants and the donkeys.”

Ripa then quizzed her daughter further and asked who the elephants and donkeys represented. Kelly’s little one said that the elephants represent the Republicans and the donkeys represent the “Dominicans.” Laughter ensued amongst the audience and Regis, who quickly replied, “She’s [Ripa’s daughter] pretty close.”

Regis and Kelly, as well as the audience got a good chuckle after that comment, which is the one that has a few Dominicans and Latinos upset enough to protest the Regis and Kelly show.

A donkey might be a good symbol for the Democratic Party, but that doesn’t mean Dominicans want to be compared to one on national TV.(TMZ)

This is so ridiculous and I do think that people on national television should be more aware about the SHIt they say.


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