Monday, May 12, 2008

thanx to George Bush...

Blackwater, American government's mercenary group (Bush's private army) that has murdered countless number of unarmed Iraqi civilians, is now going back to Iraq and will also be unleashed in the city streets of America.

you hear that? AMERICA! this right-wing, fundamental Christian sponsored, mercenary group will be "patrolling" our streets. this group, who have already been kicked out Iraq before, are going back after the new Iraq constitution (that was written with the help of American gov't) now says that they are no longer able to expell Blackwater and other private security firms from their own country.

members of Blackwater are also being payed $1,200 a day compared to $200 that soldiers get for fighting the same war. Bush has invested billions of dollars in this group.

to learn more about Blackwater:

i bet we're gonna have a lot of people all of sudden come up missing.


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