Friday, July 11, 2008

4th of july wknd

super late, i know. o well :)

the 4th was really cool, stayed at claris house the whole day swimming in the pool. the next day we went to the standard pool party. i think we had way 2 much fun that day thanx to the margaritas :) saw old friends, met new ones. had wrinkly hands and uneven tans. we gotta do this again! the next day we headed down to the do-over with the amigos. some wierd girl kept touching our friends bootys lol and looking at us crazy...after we headed down to WEHO for our cousin nic's bday. HAPPY BDAY CUZ! interesting place =/ but had fun regardless. the next day was the stevie wonder of the best shows that i've ever been to. he rocked for like 2 hrs straight and even brought out his kids to rock with him. (fyi: take a shuttle bus there...we took 1 and it was the best idea ever! considering the gas prices, traffic, and parking) of the best wknds i've had this year.

the standard


tati sandwich lol

el diablo!

birthday boy

on the shuttle nosebleed section

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J3FF said...

oh yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh (said in the kool-aid man voice)