Friday, September 19, 2008

im cool like that

went over to house of blues on wednesday and checked out my all time favorite hiphop group DIGABLE PLANETS! was a dope chill show with all the jams and some new stuff thats on their new album coming out at the end of this year. the place wasnt really packed which was disapointing...i guess all their fans are all old and boring with kids my age. after the show they all came out to the crowd and started autographing whatever people had. i had all 3 sign my ticket which was cool. since i collect my concert tickets, this one will be extra special :) me and my amiga jazmin went over to ladybug mecca and took pictures with her. after that, she started being very very friendly and we talked it up for a good 10 min about her music and the shows they got coming up. kinda got the lez vibe after she asked us "what's poppin tonight". anyway...had good times and i can't wait til their new album comes out.

if you missed the show on wednesday...theres another one tonight at the El Rey Theater in LA, 8 pm suckas!

*pics courtesy of my shitty phone :)

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