Friday, September 5, 2008

recap on the DNC & RNC

so i'm hoping most of you watched the speeches at the DNC & RNC...but just in case, here are a couple of them: obama, mccain, fav's for many many reasons. and for those of you who aren't patient to watch the whole speeches, current cut them down...

i get chills everytime i watch this. he delivered his acceptance speech so well and with CLASS! the stadium looked like the closing ceremony at the 08' olympics, obviously this man is doing and saying something right.

guiliani is an asshole...i can't believe he went up there and started making fun at the fact that obama was a community leader...last time i checked, doing positive changes for a community was a good thing. and he was running for president??!! omg!! mccain just lowered himself 100 points on the moral scale for having this douche speak at the convention.

mccain disgusts me, just like bush does everytime he speaks. he sounds like he's reading every bit. he also said he wanted to bring back the ideas of the reagan era... reagan? wtf!? this guy is just lost in his own lil republican conservative world with a vp running mate that is on that same boat(i dont even wanna get started on her)

*stay tuned for 'Palin coming to Orange County' protest

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