Monday, October 20, 2008

McCain sued for hate speech

a grandma in kansas city is suing john mccain, sarah palin, and mccain's campaign manager for promtoing hate speech.

Her lawsuit claims McCain's campaign "intentionally, recklessly and irresponsibly portrayed presidential candidate Barack Obama as un-American, a terrorist by association, and "not like us," a non-white individual. she says, "It will be dismissed as soon as I hear these public statements from these two candidates that they abhor these death threats and they will not tolerate these intruders in their audiences,".

she also accuses Palin of working a crowd at a rally into a frenzy "causing them to make death threats against presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Barack Obama with her audiences shouting "kill him," "off with his head," "terrorist," "Muslim terrorist."

Obama wants the lawsuit dropped.


i doubt that the mccain/palin would attempt to even promote hate and prejudice throughout their campaign...but hey, you never know.


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